The carriage bolt hides this secret! Only to find out that this is the truth.


Yes, each kind of bolt has its own unique design concept and use scene. The design of the carriage bolt is characterized by its large head and a square part below, so that the bolt can be prevented from rotating when locked.

The design was originally designed to meet the needs of the carriage. In the course of driving, the carriage will withstand a variety of vibrations and shocks, and if ordinary bolts are used, they may become loose due to vibration. However, the design of carriage bolts can effectively prevent this situation, so it is widely used in the manufacture of carriage, hence the name.
Now, carriage bolts have been widely used in many other fields, such as construction, furniture manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing and so on. Although the carriage is rare now, the design of the carriage bolt still plays an important role in the modern society.
Carriage bolts, also known as coach bolts or go-kart bolts, are a special type of bolt. Its name comes from the fact that its design was originally made for carriages. The head of the carriage bolt is round or square and is larger than the average bolt head. There is a square part under the head, which is used to prevent the bolt from rotating when locked.
The main purpose of carriage bolts is to connect wood or other materials while keeping the surface flat. Because its head design is relatively large, it can disperse the pressure of the bolt on the connecting material and prevent the material from being crushed or broken.
When using carriage bolts, the square part of the bolt needs to be inserted into a pre-prepared square hole and then locked with a nut. In this way, even in the locking process, the bolt will not rotate.
Carriage bolts are widely used in many fields, such as construction, furniture manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing and so on. When choosing to use carriage bolts, it is necessary to consider its material, specification, strength and other factors to ensure that it can meet the needs of specific uses.
The characteristic of carriage bolt lies not only in its anti-rotation design, but also in its ability to withstand greater pressure and impact. Because of its large head, it can disperse the pressure to a larger area and reduce the damage to the connecting material. This is why it has been widely used in furniture manufacturing, building structures and other occasions that need to bear greater pressure.
In addition, carriage bolts are often used where they need to be fixed. For example, carriage bolts can be used when one plank needs to be fixed to another. Insert the square part of the carriage bolt into the pre-prepared square hole of the board and lock it with a nut. In this way, even under the impact of external forces, it will not cause bolt loosening, thus ensuring the stability of the connection structure.
In the selection of carriage bolts, in addition to its material, specifications, strength and other factors, but also need to consider the installation environment conditions, such as temperature, humidity, corrosion and so on, to ensure that the selected carriage bolts can adapt to the specific use environment.
Generally speaking, carriage bolt is a kind of bolt with unique design and powerful function, which plays an important role both in carriage manufacturing in the past and in various manufacturing industries now.

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