The difference between drywall nails and fiberboard nails


Drywall nails and fiberboard nails have countersunk head, semi-countersunk head, round head design, drywall nail groove is deeper, and more good-looking. In general, it is half-toothed, while fibreboard screws are generally full-toothed. The biggest feature of dry-wall nail in appearance is the shape design of trumpet head. If divided according to thread, it can also be divided into single-thread coarse tooth dry-wall nail and double-line fine tooth dry-wall nail.

Fiberboard nails are mainly used in furniture factories and can lock wood (including fibreboard / density board / high density board / solid wood). At present, many of them are used instead of wood tooth screws.
The self-tapping screw drywall nail is mostly used for the connection between thin metal plates (steel plate, saw plate, etc.). When connecting, the thread bottom hole is made for the connected part, and then the dry wall nail is screwed into the thread bottom hole of the connected part. Because the thread surface of the dry wall nail has high hardness, the internal thread can be tapped out in the thread bottom hole of the connected part, thus forming a connection.
There are generally two kinds of drill screws: iron and stainless steel. The material used in wood is usually iron. There are two kinds of iron and stainless steel used on steel plates. Stainless steel can be divided into more than 20 varieties.

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