Can anti-theft screws really protect against theft?


Four features of anti-theft screws:

1. The structure is simple and novel, the standard bolt is convenient for users, and a fastening nut is saved, so that the fastening and anti-theft are integrated.
2. The principle of "reverse locking" is applied for the first time in China, which makes the anti-theft performance unique and reliable, and at the same time uses anti-theft steel sleeve to protect comprehensively, making it impossible for thieves to start.
3. Anti-loosening, self-locking, wide range of application, old lines can be reinstalled.
4. The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation and use, no need to use special tools, and can be adjusted freely, which solves the difficult problem that the existing anti-theft nut is difficult to be tightened.

The function of anti-theft screw:
1. Protect the interests of merchants and use anti-theft screws on their own products.
2, anti-theft effect, in many outdoor products will use anti-theft screws, because in the outdoor, there are many drawbacks in the management, and the use of anti-theft screws greatly reduce unnecessary losses. For example, anti-theft screws are widely used in outdoor guardrail.
3, easy to use, can be installed with a special wrench, without the need for special and complex tools, manufacturers will be equipped with special tools to customers, so there is no need to worry about installation.
4. the appearance is beautiful and generous.

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