The transformation and upgrading of the standard parts industry in Yongnian District has achieved reduction and quality improvement


Yongnian District is known as "China's Fastener Capital", and the production and sales of standard parts account for 55% of the national market share. Is "China's most influential fastener industry cluster" area, Handan City, is the only local industrial output value of more than 30 billion yuan. In recent years, the district has adhered to scientific guidance, standardized regulation, reduction in volume and efficiency increase, and vigorously optimized the business environment. Promote enterprises to "withdraw from the city and enter the park", reconstruct the industrial chain, build "interconnection and sharing", and embark on a new path of innovative development, green development, and high-quality development of the standard parts industry.

1. Implement "retreat into the park" to force the transformation and upgrading of the standard parts industry.

With the rising cost of production factors such as land, resources, and raw materials, the carrying capacity of the ecological environment is approaching the upper limit. In order to fundamentally solve the siege of the standard parts industry and the problem of air pollution, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, "force transformation" with responsibility, "standard upgrade" with ecological and environmental protection, and vigorously implement the "retirement" project. Plan to build 4 standard parts parks, speed up the delisting of 67 enterprises in the main urban area to enter the park, promote the upgrading of oil fume treatment equipment for 876 gas-related standard parts enterprises, strengthen the rectification of electric welding processing industry standards, and effectively reduce air pollution. At the same time, carry out in-depth cleaning of high-emission non-road mobile machinery in the "low-emission zone", strengthen testing, code registration, and clarify the return of national one, national two and untested mobile machinery. Nearly 10,000 fastener gas-related enterprises in the region were reduced to 876, product profits were 200-500 yuan per ton, and tax revenue increased from 171 million yuan to 520 million yuan.

(2) Promote the restructuring of the industrial chain and promote the standard parts industry to move towards high-end.

Reshape the manufacturing chain. Focusing on the equipment manufacturing industry, through chain investment promotion and business investment promotion, it has introduced Shenzhen Dahe, Guozhi Machinery and other high-end equipment manufacturing leading enterprises, with an annual output of nearly 1,000 cold heading equipment, realizing the history of the standard parts industry from product production to equipment manufacturing sexual leap. At present, more than 1,500 sets of standard parts and equipment are replaced every year, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of products to high-end products. The second is to redesign the production chain. Adhere to leading and leading, actively integrate into the most advanced domestic production technology, and introduce a large number of high-end projects such as Tongfa high-speed rail equipment, Zhaoyun UHV power, Tuofa electric power fittings, Korean Shisheng fasteners, and Hebei Jinshengda. Widely used in high-speed rail, automobiles, aerospace and other fields, with a total investment of 17.42 billion yuan, 80% of which are high-end standard parts. The third is to restructure the test R&D chain. Utilizing the research and development platform of the Hebei Provincial Fastener Industry Technology Research Institute, actively cooperating with Hebei Engineering University, Hebei University of Technology and other universities to carry out "blood transfusion and hematopoiesis" in the industry, and successfully developed 22 technologies such as zinc-aluminum penetration and ultrasonic cleaning, among which ultrasonic The cleaning technology replaces the traditional pickling process, greatly reducing environmental pollution. The testing center of Hebei Fastener Industrial Technology Research Institute was established to ensure the quality of fastener products. It has been recognized as the "2021 National Public Service Demonstration Platform for Small and Medium Enterprises" by the Small and Medium Enterprise Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and it is the only one in Handan City. The fourth is the reconstruction of the surface treatment chain. High-standard planning and construction of the Hengchuang Environmental Protection Technology High-end Standard Parts Industrial Park with the largest domestic surface treatment scale, leading hazardous waste automation control system technology, and the highest resource recycling rate. The annual output of standard parts surface treatment products is 2 million tons, and the daily sewage treatment volume is 6,000 tons. tons, and the recycling of waste is close to 100%, which has completely eradicated the "persistent disease" of heavy pollution in surface treatment, and greatly improved the overall image and external influence of Yongnian's standard parts industry.

(3) Create "Internet Sharing" to help the standard parts industry go abroad.

One is to create a "cloud" trading platform. Combined with the domestic and foreign epidemic prevention and control situation, use the "5G" network to connect with merchants around the world, and realize "cloud-to-cloud" orders. Planning and building China Yongnian Fastener Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong Tongfa Group Co., Ltd. to promote the development of "Internet +", realize big data sharing, "cloud" platform sales, and further expand the popularity and market of Yongnian standard parts share. At the "My Steel 2021 Third Special Steel Annual Conference", the China Yongnian Fastener Price Index was released, and well-known big data companies such as Huami Chain Tracing Big Data Platform and Baidu Aigou were introduced. 10 leading enterprises have officially become members of the National Fastener Standardization Committee, which has promoted the high-end and intelligentization of the industry, and enhanced the voice of the fastener industry in the same industry across the country. The second is to create an international brand exhibition. Based on Yongnian, serve the whole country, radiate the world, adhere to long-term planning and high-standard operation, and build the 13.5 square kilometers north of Yongnian River into an international fastener business center. Based on building an international brand exhibition, vigorously develop the exhibition economy, build China Yongnian Fastener Expo Center, the first fastener industry development complex in China, and successfully hold China Yongnian Standard Parts Manufacturer Friendship and Product Exhibition for five consecutive years, China Handan Fastener and Equipment Exhibition, as well as the eight self-organized exhibitions, have a total turnover of nearly 20 billion yuan. The third is to plan and build dry ports. In order to enable foreign trade enterprises to enjoy "one-stop" export procedures at their doorstep and improve export efficiency, it is planned to invest 3.5 billion yuan in the construction of China International Fastener Land Port Center, using the two platforms of TMS system and car-free carrier, using the Internet and organizational model to promote the intensive integration of resources in the freight market and the development of industry norms. At the same time, through the big data platform, the freight volume of Yongnian standard parts enterprises can be accurately grasped, so as to effectively control the "tax source" and realize the collection of accounts receivable.

(4) Improve the service level and create a good development environment for the standard parts industry.

The first is to deepen the reform of "discharge service". We will vigorously promote the reform of canceling, decentralizing and adjusting administrative examination and approval items, and vigorously promote the reform of "one-time clearing" and "no meeting". The second is to strengthen element guarantee services. In view of the capital, land and other problems encountered in the process of enterprise construction, through regular organization of government-bank-enterprise negotiations, build a financial support platform to help solve financial problems. By actively striving for land use indicators, we will intensify the crackdown on illegal land use, and dispose of idle land in accordance with laws and regulations. The third is to create a high-quality business environment. Seriously deal with the problems of inaction, slow action, disorderly action, and overeating.

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