Battle of the Hex Bolts: US vs. Metric


The world of fasteners is vast, and two heavyweight bolts are at the forefront—American Standard Hex bolts and metric bolts.

- Hex bolts, which are threaded fasteners with a six-sided head.
American hex bolts
- FEATURES: American Hex Bolts have Imperial Size and Threads Per Inch (TPI) pitch.
- Application: They are commonly used in US industries such as construction, automotive and machinery.
- Advantages: American hex bolts have a corrosion-resistant surface, high tensile strength, and have good availability in the US market.
Metric Hex Bolts
- FEATURES: Metric hex bolts are measured in millimeters and thread pitch is measured in threads per millimeter (TPM).
- Application: These bolts are widely used worldwide, especially in European and Asian industries.
- Advantages: Provides greater accuracy, improved compatibility with metric components, and a wider choice of materials.
Which dominates?
- Availability: American hex bolts are readily available in the US market, while metric hex bolts are popular worldwide.
- Compatibility: The choice between American and Metric hex bolts depends on the application and compatibility with existing components.
- Standardization: Metric hex bolts offer better standardization due to their worldwide use and adherence to ISO standards.
in conclusion:
In the world of hex bolts - American and Metric - both contenders have unique qualities and serve different purposes. The dominance of American hex bolts in the US market and the global popularity of metric hex bolts clearly demonstrate its advantages. When choosing between these bolt types, consider factors such as availability, compatibility, standardization and individual requirements. Knowing the characteristics and differences between American hex bolts and metric hex bolts will ensure the best fastening solution and pave the way for successful mechanical work.

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