The main purpose of expansion bolts


Expansion bolts are connectors used in construction projects.

It fixes pipeline brackets, equipment, hangers, etc. on walls, floors, columns, etc. The reason why the expansion bolt can realize its connection function is due to its unique principle.
The structure of the expansion bolt is mainly composed of bolts and metal sleeves. The bolt is a cylinder with external threads, while the metal sleeve is in the shape of a cylinder with a tapered shape facing upwards. Its function is to fix the bolt in the hole so that the expansion bolt can bear the load.
The installation of expansion bolts is very simple. First, place the bolts in the pre-drilled holes. Then, install nuts at the connection between the bolts and the steel structure, and tighten them to the required torque with a hand wrench, so that the bolts are in a tightened state. At this point, the bolt begins to expand and attach the metal sleeve to the inside of the hole. When the nut is tightened, the expansion bolt will expand the metal sleeve to the same size as the hole, thereby realizing the tight connection between the bolt and the hole.
The expression of expansion bolt specifications is slightly different from the traditional expression of bolt specifications. Typically, specifications are described as "bolt diameter x length x diameter range of mounting holes". This specification code describes the diameter, length and hole size of the bolt to ensure that the bolt is correctly selected and installed.
Expansion bolts come in a variety of sizes, both large and small. These dimensions are related to the application occasion, so when selecting expansion bolts, the weight and load to be fixed must be considered. Only in this way can we ensure that the expansion bolts are selected correctly, installed correctly, and can withstand the expected load.
In short, expansion bolts are extremely common connectors in construction projects, and they are easy to use and highly reliable. When selecting and installing, expansion bolts of appropriate specifications and sizes must be selected according to the actual situation and requirements to ensure the safety and reliability of the fixation.

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